RIP Evolve

I’d Pour One Out if I Had One…

As y’all might know, for ages now we’ve used a virtual LAN service called Evolve for many of our multiplayer gaming sessions. It was an amazing service that allowed us to play everything from Starfleet Command II to Battlefront II to X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter to Drox Operative and so much more. It was consistent, reliable, and worked so well I supported it with my wallet in order to obtain a static IP.

I say “was” because the folks behind Evolve — who we’ve honestly and worryingly not heard from in awhile — announced today that the service would be shut down. Today.

I am of several minds on this. First, I’m crushed because I loved the service, and did not want to spend time and effort scoping out a replacement. Secondly, I’m angry as hell because of the lack of any kind of warning. They just peaced out. Infuriating. Finally, I’m annoyed because THIS VERY EVENING we were gonna use Evolve to play Drox Operative.

But mostly I’m really, really, really sad. Evolve was a fantastic service. Truly fantastic. I’m not sure what we’ll yet replace it with (Hamachi is the best contender so far), but we’ll find something.

So rest in peace Evolve. You were a wonderful service that we all loved using, and it’s such a shame to see you go.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “RIP Evolve

  1. I just heard of this.. but I haven’t logged on for a while.. so The software Game Evolved by Raptr is now useless and the PlaysTV too.. correct? What is everyone using to record their game play?

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