Spacing Out: Getting Organized

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7 Responses

  1. Tiago says:

    Dude, I always envied you, playing so many great games, have a great site about it. =D

    Now that I saw your list of games and your desktop, I don’t think I would be able to handle that much games, not even half of it!
    I struggle to play games that I like, I can’t even imagine playing those that I don’t!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, this is totally why I’m funneling down the games I play to make them manageable. It was getting REALLY overwhelming just looking at Steam and going AHHH.

      • Tiago says:

        Hey, ever thought about making a little app to help get you organized?
        A simple sqlite database with a few tables and you could categorize games, make custom lists, add screenshots, write scores and even attach reviews or texts related to it to publish later.
        It could have the shortcuts to launch games and even say when was the last time you played a game, how many time you spent on it, a bit like steam but without the horrible UI.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          I’ve no idea how to go about any of that, but if such a thing existed I’d pay good moneys for it.

          • Tiago says:

            If you want we can try to create an open source MIT project about it, I know how to but if I’m not the one who is going to use it the application can become quite hard to use or have too much stuff that is not necessary.
            If you help we can make it so it fits your needs, that’s the best way to make an app, with the user interacting with it as it develops.

  2. mak42 says:

    And I thought I had it bad just managing the _tasks_ involved to deliver a game… man I don’t envy you :) Or I do envy you :) not sure which!

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