Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/28/17 – Spinning Wheels


Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! First off, let’s talk about today’s video. The second mission in Battle for Orion 2 really ramps up the difficulty, and not in a fun way. I actually do start to feel frustrated by the end of today’s video, mostly because I feel like I’m spinning my wheels at one point and not getting anywhere. I’m likely playing the game “wrong” as someone more experienced than I would likely do a better job. Regardless, by the end of the video I was kinda spent, but I soldiered on, as you’ll see tomorrow.

Last night I spent some time with Singularity (which, hey, is on sale right now!), and had a great time. I swear, Titanfall 2 has spoiled me when it comes to movement in FPS games now, but still, Singularity has solid gunplay, a really fun story and a VERY creepy world. At one point, I had to stop listening to audio logs and such I’d discover along the way because I was just too creeped out. This is another FPS I can see myself finishing.

Likely once I’m done this, I’ll move onto finish Shadow Warrior 2 and just ignore the overwhelming amount of trash inventory thrust upon Lo Wang during the game. Seriously, at one point I just walked away from the game because they give you not only too much look, but a horrible UI to manage it all. It is TERRIBLE. Rest of the gameplay is solid though, so I should go back to finish it, especially since they just added some neat looking DLC to it.

Last night I also returned to a new old friend, Lord of the Rings Online. I’d taken a small break to avoid burnout, as I’m also doing with Elder Scrolls Online, but LOTRO just had a big update, so I decided to dive back in. In looking through my quest log, I saw I had some book quests (these are quests which take you closely alongside and sometimes even through the events in the books), so I worked on that a bit. It was nice to be back, honestly. Totally love the game and looking forward to spending more time in that world.

In news, I forgot a couple of updates yesterday from over the weekend! First off, a massive update from the Predestination folks talks about some new single player stuff and a lot of great info about where their game is going. This one has been in the pipe a while, but I don’t mind them taking their time to do it right. Theirs does feel different than a lot of other 4Xs, so I say take the time to run with it. The Astrobase folks also had a big update as to the state of the game and the studio.

In today’s news, the developer of Sol Trader has announced their new game, Ealdorlight, which is a fantasy RPG with world and character-building elements similar to Sol Trader. Their Kickstarter should be starting soon, so I know I’m gonna back it. Project Space Sector has an update on the game and a call for VIP testers. Head on over if you want a slot. Finally, Interstellar Rift now has rich asteroids and stuff! It’s been a while since I visited the game, I should check it out.

Finally, tonight’s podcast is about game mechanics, those we love, those we hate, etc. It’s a topic rather than a guest show, and those are always more laid back, so I’m looking forward to it. I should hopefully have time to install and play some Secret Weapons over Normandy, which just arrived today as well. I also finally caved on buying Guns of Icarus Alliance, since the PVE co-op stuff looks great, but I’m mostly excited about the overworld conquest map. Hope to try it this weekend!

That’s it for today y’all! Thanks!

Author: Brian Rubin

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