Sometimes I Need to Be Slapped – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 1/12/20


Weekly Gaming Thoughts

Hey friends, how are ya? Me? I’m sore in my face. Why? Because I’m in something of an abusive relationship. See, I want to love Total War: Warhammer II so very badly. I really want to enjoy all of its factions and gameplay nuances and campaigns, but I CAN’T BECAUSE IT HATES ME SO MUCH AND JUST SLAPS ME ALL THE TIME.

See, I’ve tried to start playing this game maybe a dozen times now. A few times I started a Vortex campaign as the High Elves, which apparently is the “easiest” way to play. I got smacked down in short order. I then tried the same Vortex campaign with a few other factions, most recently one of the Lizardmen factions. The one labeled “easy” for campaign difficulty, I forget the specific name (because their names are CRAYYYYY).

I lost my first fight. First. Got crushed. Horribly. Barely got any units out. I reloaded and let the AI play the game, thanks to one of the mods that allows you to put the AI in control of your own armies. Lost that battle too.

So how am I supposed to love this game when it refuses to love me in return? When it just hurts me so very badly, over and over again? I dunno what to do because they keep releasing DLC for it and I WANT ALL OF IT BECAUSE IT’S SO PRETTY and huge and I feel like I could play it forever except GAH IT HATES ME.

I swear I’ll come back to you one more time though, baby. I wanna make it work.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Total War: Warhammer II – GOD IT HATES ME.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – A Warhammer games I’m actually good at. Nearly done the prophecy campaign, started a warzone. Fun times.
  • ARMA III – Playing through the initial campaign in single-player and wow I’m terrible, but getting better. I had to turn every visual aid one because it’s like “TAKE OUT THAT MAN AT 40 METERS?” “WHERE? *dead*” So yeah, I need help. Thankfully this is all just in single-player so my performance doesn’t matter really and I’m just playing to enjoy it.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Tomb Raider – I might, MIGHT return to this after taking some time off. I hit some really damned hard part of the game and totally noped out.
  • Destiny 2 – Gotta do some playing in preparation for our LAN Party on Thursday night.
  • Strike Fighters 2 – Those Ruskies aren’t gonna be driven out of Germany on their own, now are they?

That’ll do it for this week y’all. What are you folks playing lately?

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Need to Be Slapped – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 1/12/20

  1. TWW2 is weird. It’s a standalone game but I think they expect you to have 1000s of hours in the first one. I’ve beaten a Dwarfs and Wood Elves campaign easily but in 2 I haven’t found my stride yet.

    Also, high elves as easy? Yeah the game is out of it’s mind. I’d say the easiest start is Dark Elves but their midgame is tough because at least I was constantly putting down rebellions.

  2. Probably if that’s an option for you. There’s no stupid vortex race and if you play as Dwarfs expect massive income in the campaign map and a battle strategy that consists of put a box of some of the best melee units with the highest leadership around some amazing artillery and crossbows then watch stuff die

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