So. Tired. – Daily Dispatch for 3/15/19

I Freaking LOVE This Game!

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey friends, and happy Friday/Ides of March! I know it’s been a while since I wrote one of these, but holy crap do I have reasons. ;) Last week, my oldest and closest friend in the world flew in for the week, and stayed with us for several days. I’d not seen him in over a decade, so it was great to catch up. He and his girlfriend also hope to move out here, so I drove them ALL OVER LA to show them potential areas they could live. It was amazing and exhausting.

Then the Daylight Savings Time switch happened. I hate the switch. Whether it’s Spring or Fall, it doesn’t matter, it messes me up for a week at least, and I am just so. Freaking. Tired y’all. I’m so glad I recorded my second batch of Objects in Space videos on one of the days off I took last week, or else it might not’ve happened at all. Regardless, I had a lovely time, but I’ll still be recovering for a little while longer.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s dive into why y’all are really here:

Today’s Video(s)

Objects in Space is a wonderful game. I love it so much you guys. It’s challenging and difficult and sometimes maddening but it’s also envigorating and thrilling. Mixing submarine-style gameplay with open-space trading, missions and exploration is just such a wonderful mix, and I am so, so giddy this thing finally hit 1.0. It’s not the best series of entries I’ve made though, as a lot goes wrong for my young pilot. Eventually I realize I need to start a new game wherein I DO NOT give that unwitting terrorist a ride.

Predestination finally came out of early access, and it’s really great. It mixes its 4X gameplay on both a planetary and galactic scale, and I had a great time playing it. I played both sandbox and story modes, and both were fun. It’s still early in my games though, so I’m unsure how the AI will handle things later in the game, but it’s been pretty good so far.

In my latest entry in to Descent: Freespace, we end up trying to capture a Shivan cruiser, and holy cats is it a helluva mission. I wasn’t even sure we were gonna do it. It was pretty exhausting, all told, but holy crap so fun.

So last night, Spaz and I began playing some Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and at first we had fun just with the two of us, but eventually we brought in a fellow from the Twitch stream — who’s apparently got a lot of time in the game — and things just went OFF. It was so much fun, what I thought might only be about an hour — again, since I’m so tired — turned into two. Such a great game.

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  • None that I could find! Sad!

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Broforce – My friend and I played a bunch of couch co-op games the other day, thanks to the still-amazing Steam Link, and this is the one we played the most. I’d mostly played this single player, but my god, adding another player to the mix makes it even more fun. Seriously, this game is amazing.
  • Rocket League – I bounced off this pretty hard when I first got it — it came WITH the aforementioned Steam Link if I recall — but my friend is a die-hard player, so we made a team and tried some of the more casual modes. Well my friends, I’m STILL terrible at it, but we did have a lot of fun. Not sure if I’ll stick with it, but it could be fun for a multiplayer night.
  • Door Kickers: Action Squad – The final couch co-op game we played wasn’t as hectic as Broforce, but still a ton of god damned fun.
  • Dead Effect 2 – News of new DLC got me jonesing to play this again, so I loaded it up and restarted the campaign. I’m not super fond of the sword and bow guy, but the shotgun lady and I get along just fine. I might still go back to the gunner though, I think I liked him best. Overall it’s an amazing game that looks so great on the new rig.
  • Undead Horde – The latest game from 10Tons, rather than a twin-stick shooter, it’s something very different. Roam the lands as a necromancer and raise armies of the dead. Not just humans, but chickens and bears as well. It needs more content, but it’s still early access, so more should be coming.

Whew, this was a biggun! Thanks for slogging all the way through it, and I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

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