March, 2016 Game of the Month – Command Adventures: Starship – Entry 1 – A Fascinating Gem?

That That! And That!
That That! And That!

I love discovering new games. It’s part of the reason I began Space Game Junkie. Recently I was perusing MobyGames when I came across a game from 1993 (one of my favorite years in space gaming thanks to  Privateer)  called Command Adventures: Starship. It looked like a cross between Starflight and Sentinel Worlds, and I was shocked that I’d somehow missed it at the time.  Therefore I hope you’ll join me for what will hopefully be an enlightening bout of ground and space combat, as this game has it all, it seems. :) You can fight in space, board ships and land on planets in order to claim them. You can upgrade your current ship and buy new ones, sell stuff you find on planets and more. It’s a surprising amount of stuff for what seems to be a relatively small release at the time. In this first entry, I’ll go through race selection, starbase basics, space and boarding combat, and planet claiming. I hope you enjoy this new game of the month, and I thank you for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “March, 2016 Game of the Month – Command Adventures: Starship – Entry 1 – A Fascinating Gem?

  1. Thank you for videos. Remember this one pretty vividly. Tried to get into it about 3 times somewhere in 1996, and finally given up. Something was just not clicking at all. It was definitely starflight variation, which i liked. But maybe i just got toasted so many times at start up of this game, that i got bored and left for another round at Hyperspeed, which was sooo perfect! But now i see, that maybe i was too rushed. Glad you were able to get into it and like it, it surely deserve a place in history.

    1. I could see folks bouncing off it, it doesn’t seem to mind throwing MASSIVE ALIEN SHIPS at your tiny little n00b ship, for example.

  2. I vaguely remember this one — I think the roommate picked it up as something to do between bouts of Ultima addiction. Or did I pick it up? I can’t remember. Anyway, I do recall it not getting much more than a sniff, thanks to Star Control 2, Privateer, and my BBS fascination.

    1. Yeah, this game totally got buried under Privateer and SC2 and whatever else was out at the time. Man that was a bad time to release a poorly marketed space game.

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