THQ Nordic Acquires NovaLogic’s Franchises

Ah memories...
Ah memories…

This happened yesterday, but I was a bit swamped so forgive the lateness. That said, OMG THQ NORDIC ACQUIRED NOVALOGIC. For a Novalogic fanboy like me (ever since the first Comanche, my friends), this is super exciting, as THQ Nordic has been doing right by their IPs. For us space game fans, we can only hope this means Tachyon 2 at some point. ;) Anyway, check out all the info below!

Today, THQ Nordic announced that an asset purchase agreement with NovaLogic Inc. containing all games and/or projects owned by NovaLogic Inc has been closed. In essence, that means that they’re back at it again with the acquisition of partly forgotten, but classic game IPs and this time is all about first-person military themed game franchises like groundbreaking and genre defining Delta Force, Comanche or Joint Ops.

Source: THQ Nordic Acquires All Of NovaLogic’s Franchises | THQ Nordic GmbH

Author: Brian Rubin

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