Jumpgate Nearly Killed Me This Past Weekend…

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  1. qaraq says:

    Man I wish I had the time to play this that I did back in the day. Licking rocks, arti-hunting in deep space, and fluxing with New Dawn. Good times. I just haven’t had the time to level back to interesting levels and get interesting money again. And because you have to land before disconnecting, it’s a rough game to play with kids or other sudden time demanders.

    I still haven’t found a game with asteroid mining that I liked nearly as much. JG mining had a lot of skill to do it right, and it was always a thrill to slide into a nice tight powered orbit.

    Maybe I’ll try again sometime soon; I think I got back to level 12 or so in the restarted server.

  2. Istvan says:

    Flux can’t jump, so that would have been your first clue you were dealing with a sent (GM), not a bot.
    Oh, top end would be the Phocaena (C22?) IIRC. Those were bad news.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      HI IST! :) And it’d been a while, okay, I kinda forgot that Flux — along with white men — can’t jump.

  3. Whoa! I thought you had meant Jumpgate Evolution, but this is -the real thing-. I didn’t know it was live again, awesome!

  4. isoptera says:

    Cool so that’s Starshatter and jumpgate what others gems do you know of that are now free, that we need to know about?

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