Feeling Tyrannical – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/25/17


Hello my friends, and welcome to Podcast Day! I’m excited to talk to the folks behind Space Tyrant, a fast-paced space conquering game with NO diplomacy or non-combat option what so ever. It’s either kill or be killed, and I totally dig that. I played a bunch of the game last night and had a blast. After already completing the two tutorial missions a little while back, I dove into the first mission of the first campaign and had loads of fun. The game is very focused in its design, always pointing you to the next thing you have to do while still giving you plenty of agency in order to make your own decisions. Overall, I had a lovely time playing it, and can’t wait to not only play more but to talk to the folks behind the game.

That was the only gaming I got in last night. Sadly gaming time is tight right now. I’ve been tooling about with Motorstorm RC on the Vita (which is one of the best top-down racing games I have ever played, bar-none), but it’s not the same as being on my PC and really diving into something like LOTRO or LOGistICAL. THANKFULLY, I have much of tomorrow evening to my own self, so I’ll do a little bit of chores, and then I really wanna dive into Titanfall 2‘s new co-op mode that dropped today. I love Titanfall 2 so much, but PvP multiplayer is EXHAUSTING. Co-op, however, should be freaking LOADS of fun. I will totally need to shoot all the things.

Alright, enough about me, on with the news:

That’s it for today folks. See y’all tonight on the podcast!

Author: Brian Rubin

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