Back in the Cockpit – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 10/7/19

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Hey friends, happy Monday, and welcome to another week of gaming! Wheeeee! I’ve kinda fallen back into flight sims of late in a big way, thanks to EF2000. Not just any sims though, as I no longer have the time or patience to spend an hour just flying to and from a place to blow something up. No no, I found a sim that respects my lack of time and patience: Strike Fighters 2.

Strike Fighters 2 is an older game, it came out about a decade ago, and it does not pretend to be fully realistic. Rather, it has a lot of aircraft, a lot of scenarios and campaigns, and several ways to play it. The lovely thing is, you can jump in right near the action, and when your mission is declared a success, hit ESC to leave and complete the mission. It’s SO FUN and I am so loving it and there’s so much content, not just from the sim itself but near-countless mods, that I’m just giddy about it. It’s the true sequel to Jane’s Fighters Anthology and USAF that I’ve been wanting for decades.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Strike Fighters 2 – As mentioned, once I got this I can barely stop playing it. It just lets me jump right into the fray, do my business, then get out. Whether it’s a single mission or a campaign, it respects my time, and it just fun besides. AND IT SUPPORTS FORCE FEEDBACK Y’ALL. It also has a flyable A-10, so I’m pretty sold.
  • Sunset Overdrive – Steam’s new library lets you see which games take up the most space on your hard drive, so when I saw this I was reminded of how fun and challenging it is, so I started a new campaign. I am TERRIBLE with the gamepad, but better with mouse and keyboard, but still I need to get better because wow this game is tough.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II – I’ve tried a few starts with this, mostly with the Elves, and never got real into it. Then, over on Quarter to Three, someone said Lizardmen or Vampires were great starts, so I tried Lizardmen. HOLY CATS THEY WERE RIGHT. I feel like I’m actually, finally, clicking with this amazing game.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Strike Fighters 2 – Of course. So much to do and blow up.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – This is coming along really nicely, and I’ve been enjoying both the PvE and PvP stuff. Really enjoying the support roles especially, surprisingly enough.
  • EF2000 – Gonna practice mid-air refuelling for this week’s upcoming stream, now that I realized refuelling is a regular part of campaign missions.

Busy times, but so much gaming goodness it’s silly. What have you been playing lately?

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Back in the Cockpit – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 10/7/19

  1. damn Sf2 is one i want to get now too, i have just been happy to get Wings over Europe going (and soon Wings over Vietnam)
    the old sim Birds of Prey is the one i am most playing atm – fun for an old dos sim that also lets you fly dozens of aircraft doing all types of missions in an open ended nato vs russia campaign like WoE/EF2000, -alot to enjoy – dynamic campaign, dozens of craft on both side, mid-air refuelling, AWACs, wingmen. I am trying to figure out at the moment how to open a corridor in the russian defences so i can get a tornado deep strike in

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