A Dedicated Starflight Machine!

Isn't it Beautiful?
Isn’t it Beautiful?

Folks, thanks to Grenn over at Gamer’s With Jobs, who generously donated (for FREE, including shipping) this working Sega Genesis with which to play my recently acquired copy of Starflight! How awesome is that?!


Thanks Grenn!!!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “A Dedicated Starflight Machine!

  1. Awesome!!! How is it displaying on a widescreen aspect ratio? Shouldn’t there be black bars on the sides?

    1. I’ve no idea. It came with a connector for the coaxial antenna in jack, so I used that.

  2. It’s definitely a 4:3 game. Do adjust your TV set.

    You’ve inspired me to try to play this old game again, only I am going to do it on my iPhone, in the Provenance emulator.

  3. And I’m back. I remember thinking this was a menu-based time sink with VGA graphics and awkward Genesis-mapped-to-DOS in 199x. I guess I’m back to my lovely high resolution touchscreen time sinks.

  4. Star flight and Buck Rogers on Genesis were one of my first RPG space games that changed my life forever and started my gaming addiction. These two games pushed me into getting into buying RPG games on the pc… Xcom and planets edge In particular.

    Brian if you haven’t you have to check out planets edge for dos. I think it would be right up your ally.

    1. I’ve yet to play Planet’s Edge, but would you say the Buck Rogers RPGs are better served on the Genesis than the PC?

      1. I think they only made the one Buck Rogers and it was great for Genesis. While I have both Buck Rogers games on dos, I never did get addicted to them like I did on the Genesis version.

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