X-Wing and TIE Fighter Special Editions Coming to GOG Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still the Superior Version. DOS ALL THE WAY!

Still the Superior Version. DOS ALL THE WAY!

PC Gamer is reporting that the official GOG account on their forums spilled the beans that both X-Wing and TIE Fighter are coming to the digital download service tomorrow. These are gonna go for $10 each, and it LOOKS like they’re gonna be the Win95 special editions, but that’s not confirmed and it appears as if both the original DOS and Win95 versions will be included!!! This is the first time these games have been available digitally as far as I know, which is awesome. Next, they have to bring X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter over Galaxy for some multiplayer action. :)

Edit: Looks like the threads that I linked to above have been removed. Wow.

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  2. Okay, for everyone that hasn’t played these before, here’s a quick guide I ran across awhile ago to being a force for Law and Order:


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