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  1. Brian, when you get it (I am PRETTY sure you will, eh? eh?), tell us if everything works as advertised – especially how the classic version (with Muse) looks like, how it looks fullscreen etc. Good that they included both versions and let the user choose between better graphics vs. better atmosphere/music…

  2. Brian Rubin says:

    Oh yeah, I’m installing these as soon as I get home.

  3. There’s a mod that uses the X-Wing Alliance engine and assets to recreate X-Wing & TIE Fighter, so once XWA comes out on GoG I’ll have to actually think about it, but until then DOS version all the way! The Muse system >>> the Win version’s graphics.

  4. Syrtaras says:

    Aaargh!!! The screenshot is from the ONE version they didn’t include (and should’ve):
    TIE Collector’s CD

    Why must you taunt me so? WHYYYY??? :P

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