Elite: Dangerous Launch Party Podcast/Grouping Details

Gettin' a Bit Hot In Here Y'all...
Gettin’ a Bit Hot In Here Y’all…

So folks, the big day is approaching. One of the most important releases in the space sim genre in YEARS, Elite: Dangerous, is about to hit us on 12/16. That coincides with the day of our podcast, so we’re gonna have a launch party y’all!!! Here’s how I want it to go down:

  1. We’ll use my private group which is under my player name, Veloxi, to try to keep things simple and focused on us (hopefully we can later change the names of groups, which of course I’d then rename to Space Game Junkie). If you’ve not friended me yet in the game, either please do so next time you log on or leave your Commander name in the comments below.
  2. If you would like to join us on actual Skype for the Podcast itself, let me know in the comments and I’ll contact you directly, or use the contact form to contact me directly. Either way. ;)
  3. We’ll be meeting/starting at Chango Dock in i Bootis. I have a fondness for this place as it was one of my early homes in the game, and it always seemed both busy and interesting.
  4. While the actual podcast will begin at 7 PM Pacific, I’ll be logged on earlier than that, and will likely start the stream early as well.

I therefore invite all my fellow Commanders to join us for this special occasion (assuming the servers don’t crash under the strain of launch day) to join me for an evening of fun and frivolity as we chase down unknown signal sources, find conflict zones and more! If you have any questions about the show or the game, hit us up in the comments or the forums! Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

18 thoughts on “Elite: Dangerous Launch Party Podcast/Grouping Details

  1. Oh god, i gotta look mine up. I was supposed to be moving houses the last month or so, so never got the beta, just pre on it. Now i start moving in a few day’s, which is horrible since some of the best memories i have was playing elite on the c64 and ive been waiting for this all these years.

      1. Welp im on as Ullatec, but feel a bit clueless and still doing joystick configs as well as doing things for moving. Good times ahead!

  2. Sounds like fun. I’ll definitely be playing day 1 (of wide release).
    I’m still learning the ropes of the demo version, though… I’ve got a lot to learn from the experts here.

    I don’t know if I have a player name set up, but it should be gsilver.

  3. Chango dock? Man, I’l have to huff it halfway around the ‘verse. I’ll be there, provided I don’t get fried practicing fuel scooping ;)

    1. Still over 80 light years to go… On the plus side, I have seen my first imperial capship (INV Duval’s Might in LTT-9810), and have smuggled sizable booty of platinum that just “happened to fell of the back of the hauler”.

      1. Well, I’m here. Started in a Viper, ended in a Cobra, scanned over a dozen systems, fought a few pirates, run away in panic from the law while carrying cargo of questionable origin and once almost collided with a white dwarf (dinner and witchspace don’t mix well, kiddos!).

        Compared to my old digs around Chernobog, quite a few commanders are here. I wonder if some of those are you guys?

        So I’ll be ready on Tuesday, even though timezone difference is a bit of a killer :)
        Brian, do you still have me on Skype?

  4. Where’d the last reset start you guys? I thought I was dumped in the armpit of the universe over in the LHS 3447 area, but it mostly has turned out OK. Pisser is going to be trying to “move base” later on, seeing as I’ve got the Freeagle.

    Played a bit tonight, but don’t seem to be able to text to any friends (including you, Veloxi) even though I can see you’re online. I intend to ticket that, though surely FD is well aware. Furthermore, tonight after loading Gamma 2.05 I’m suddenly dropping like crazy, whereas since August my connection has been rock-stable. Really hate to think someone took a crap in the netcode two days before release….

  5. The last reset put me in Chuvara or Chuvala or something like that, which is where my Freagle was.

  6. You have no idea just how badly I’d love to be there. Alas, my jerb won’t let me. Fry a few rats for me!

  7. That was fun :)

    As an aside, does anyone know if ejected containers retain ship velocity? After today, I have this notion of weaponizing fish containers. Kinetic Cod Attack and all that ;)

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