Wing Commander: Prophecy Launches on GOG!

It's a Shame We'll Never Learn More of the Nephilim.

It’s a Shame We’ll Never Learn More of the Nephilim.

FINALLY, GOG now has all five of the main Wing Commander series of games with today’s release of Wing Commander: Prophecy. This version on GOG also includes the Secret Ops expansion as well, making this the Gold version of the game, effectively! YAY! Now all they need to do is get Wing Commander: Armada (and, I GUESS if you wanna get technical, the Kilrathi Saga) to have all of the PC-based games of the series! I hope they get Armada soon, it’s a favorite of mine, warts and all. :) Anyway, head on over to GOG and complete your dang collection! :) Enjoy!

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  1. Scotten says:

    I loved the Wing Commander series, but always sucked at the game. Nice to see it available again though.

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