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Space Game Junkie Podcast Episode 110 – Star Wars Games – The Force Wasn’t Always Strong with These…

Welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this episode, Jim, Hunter and I sit down with our old friend Joe Mastroianni of the Upper Memory Block Podcast to talk Star Wars games. The great, the terrible, the odd, and everything in between. In between reminiscing about our earliest Star Wars gaming… Read More »

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter: One More Colon: Really: Launches: Kinda

So appppppparently the space fighter combat add on thingy to Star Wars: The Old Republic launched an early-access version for subscribers, according to their website. Now I’ma gonna be honest here, I took a look at this thing when they first announced it and it looked like something of an afterthought to what appeared to be… Read More »