Star Citizen’s Hangar Module is Finally Released!


After hitting F5 all freaking day, I can now announce that the Hangar Module for Star Citizen is now out, and you can get it here. You have to have at least one game package and one ship to be eligible for a hanger, and the download seems to be at least 3GB. I plan to download it as soon as I get home, but as I only have 6GB of RAM instead of the suggest 8GB, I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll run. If you get yours running, let us know about it in the comments!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Star Citizen’s Hangar Module is Finally Released!

  1. Brian, you’re the man! I never see this stuff, and I’m psyched for Star Citizen and the ‘Space Game Junkie’ gang. I’m downloading now (p.s. – you get a bonus 5,000 in-game credits for downloading this, so if you were thinking about not doing it, they made it worth your while)

      1. Nothing’s free in this world, I suppose eh?

        Heck, people should be grateful instead that they instantly responded the situation instead of waiting until things getting much worse like MWO.

  2. Just a day the ‘store’ out, endless stream of people start bashing it for being pay2win.

    I’m impressed by their ridiculously retarded logic.

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