Spacey Game News 3/12/13 – Light News Day

Folded Newspapers
A Light Graphic for a Light News Day.

Hey folks, happy Tuesday! I hope your week is cruising along splendidly! Not a lot of news today, sadly, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break after yesterday’s onslaught. ;) Let’s get to it…

And that’s it! Have a great day folks!!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 3/12/13 – Light News Day

  1. Ah, thanks for reminding me of the CRPG Addict – I read a bunch of his stuff at once and haven’t been back in a while. Good write up on the first Starflight, love to see how he liked the sequel, which I never played since it wasn’t released on the C64 (my only PC at the time). And yeah, I did pick it up on GOG, just haven’t made time to play it yet.

    1. Play it soon, I think you’ll love it. And yeah, the CRPG Addict is awesome!

    1. Hey ThirtyOne, welcome to the blog! And thank you for catching that! I just fixed it. :)

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