Homeworld Remastered Announced

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7 Responses

  1. Nack says:

    Where in the survey do I say “Hobbitses can keep their nasssty trinkets and give me downloaded version with complete soundtrack in flac”.

  2. aszurom says:

    I’m kinda down with the big mothership with the winky lights. It’ll look good next to my set of Enterprises from Diamond Select.
    Hopefully there’s a button to make it say quotes from the game. “The mothership… is underway.”

  3. Brad says:

    Have I missed something or are there absolutely no in-game screenshots yet? I’m sure they’re coming soon, but it’s a bit weird. I’m totally excited regardless.

  4. Mathias says:

    Right? I’m actually I little disappointed. No teaser, no screenshots? Nothing? :/

  5. JOreilly says:

    Since I love the Homeworld franchise, I’m concerned on which side of the company Gearbox will be releasing these games. Will it be the side who released Borderlands, or the side that gave us Aliens and Duke Nukem Forever. I’m hoping Gearbox doesn’t screw this up

  6. aszurom says:

    Well, I’d like to assume they’re going to just straight-up port the original mission scripting and such, so hopefully they can’t screw it up.

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