Spacey Game News and Dealsies 7/5/13: Bring-On-The-Weekend Edition

I Need to Use This Graphic More.
I Need to Use This Graphic More.

Helllooooo my friends, and happy Friday! I hope all my fellow Americans had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July holiday yesterday, and for everyone else…er…I hope your Thursday was lovely. ;) There’s a good hunk of newsies and dealsies to go through (and yes, I really talk like that), so let’s get to it!

Wow, that’s a lot for an otherwise slow week. We’re not done yet though, we have deals! Gamefly is having an “Indie-Pendence” sale (ugh, that’s HORRIBLE), but it has some spacey deals, such as:

  • Strike Suit Infinity for $3.49
  • Strike Suit Zero for $9.99
  • Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD for $4.99

That’s it folks, have a fantastic weekend!!

18 comments on Spacey Game News and Dealsies 7/5/13: Bring-On-The-Weekend Edition

  1. Hello Mr. Rubin! Quick question, if I may!

    In the genre of space sim/exploration/trade/whatever, what is your opinion on the best currently available? I know there’s lots of new ones in development, but if I wanted to SIM SPACE right now, right this second, what is your advice?

    Thanks for taking my call, I’ll hang up and listen off the air.

    1. Hahahaha, I was asked recently to put together a sticky “Recommended List” of games for questions just like this. ;) I should work on that this weekend.

      As for your question…I asked myself “If I just wanted to jump into a ship, fly off and do some trading, some combat and some exploring, which game would I play?”

      The first answer that came back was, crazily enough, Freelancer. The vanilla game is just a joy to fly around in, add a good mod and make it even better.

      If I wanted something with a bit more…detail/fidelity than Freelancer, I’d go with Evochron Mercenary. I hope this helps!

      1. I destroyed it, because between you and Solo, you pretty much already had it covered. That pissed me off because Solo would cover NON-SPACE 4x games, even though the name of the site was Space Sector. At least you stick to space games. That is why I would root for you in a fight if you ever had to fight Solo.

        Is there a chance we can set that up?

        1. Aaww man, there’s always room for another voice in this, I feel, if it’s unique enough, and I dug your site. Sigh, ah well. :/

          Now now, Adam’s a good guy who runs a quality website, I’d never fight him. :)

          1. Thanks. Maybe I’ll fire it back up again, once I figure out some new angle. I’d like it to be more than me copy/pasting from you and Solo. :)

            It wouldn’t be a real fight, just like, a show-match for charity, with them big ridiculous boxing gloves.

    1. Gah, sorry, missed that somehow. LEt me make sure I have your site in my RSS reader (I thought I did), I randomly check Twitter, which is how I saw your screenshots but apparently missed the video. Sorry!

    2. Well GAH, IndieDB apparently has a separate RSS feed for “Media and Videos” than from news posts, which is how I missed it. Silly IndieDB.

      1. Yep, just noticed this as well. If you create an account there and track the project, you will be notified though. Sorry for the inconvenience :/

  2. Any chance you’d add Starbound to your news?
    They recently started to write daily progress news, which are totally awesome and just want me play the game now.

    1. See, I’m not sure if Starbound fits since spaceship control is a requirement of mine. I’ve pre-ordered it though.

  3. And if you are taking suggestions, Centration is one that just started up a Kickstarter last week. Ii is supposed to be a ‘simulation’ of surviving aboard a space station. It is pure multiplayer (yeah, yeah, I know) but it is supposed to be cooperative where each player plays a different role aboard the station. One of the things that has me most excited is the ‘airflow’ system, which will allow for things like dynamic ‘explosive decompression’, oxygen deprivation, and air poisoning.

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