Spacey Game News and Deals 8/1-2/13: The Wrapping-Up-Before-The-Weekend Edition

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Hellloooo my wonderful friends, and happy Friday! I hope y’all had a great week and are looking forward to an excellent weekend. Since I had to miss the news yesterday, there’s an extra amount of goodness to go over, so let’s get to it!

  • Star Ruler 2 – Imagine my surprise when I go to one of my regular forums, and I see a thread about this very game out of nowhere. I’ll admit I didn’t spend a ton of time with the original game, but these guys worked very hard on post-release support for it, so I’m very happy to see that a sequel will be coming our way. You can learn more about the game on the official site, and read their first dev diary on the galactic economy. We’ll also have folks from Blind Mind on the podcast next week to discuss the game more (as much as they can, at least). ;) Yay!
  • Drox Operative – There’s a new beta patch for y’all to try, and allows stations to be built near wormholes, better quest rewards based on distance from the originator and so on. Great stuff.
  • Kerbal Space Program – One of my favorites sites on the Internet, Gamers with Jobs, has a lovely little story about trying to land on the Mun. Glad to see ’em having some space game love. :)
  • Strike Suit Zero – If you’re lucky enough to have an Occulus Rift, you can now play this game using the device if you have the latest beta. This video gives more deets, and it’ll also be embedded below.
  • Star Citizen – Through continued crowdfunding efforts, they’ve now raised $15 million for the game, so congrats to the Cloud Imperium team! Also on the official site, you can see some fan ship designs, read the latest installment of A Separate Law, learn more about starship manufacturer Origin Jumpworks and watch an interview with art producer Harry Jarvis, which I’ll also embed below.
  • EVE Online – First off, the official site has a guest blog entry on CSM voting. Then, The Mittani has numerous articles covering topics such as command ship changes, the military director of TEST’s resignation and the fight in Fountain over moons.
  • Limit Theory – The latest development video is up, and I know I can’t wait to watch it. It’ll also be embedded below.
  • Freespace Open – The latest HLP Newsletter has been released, and it has word of new campaigns and lots of new screenshots of renders in progress. Love it.
  • Beyond Beyaan – Some new UI images of new game and race selection have been released. I love how this is coming along.
  • Star Trek Online – A new Legacy of Romulus development blog entry talks about Romulan temporal ships. They look sexy as hell. I want one.
  • GoD Factory: Wingmen – You can now see some images of new menus in progress. Nice stuff!
  • Wings of Saint Nazaire – Thanks to multiple people for reminding of this one, but Rock, Paper Shotgun has a little article covering this recent entry in the space game development scene (at least recent to me). ;)
  • Skyjacker – The awesome looking Starship Constructer is supposed to be released today, according to their Kickstarter. Hopefully I’ll get my copy soon so I can tinker.
  • Kickstarters – I found some new spacey Kickstarters for y’all to check out: Spacecraft: Galaxies, Yargis and Beyond Black Space. If I had to back one of them myself, it’d be Beyond Black Space, but I’m on the fence myself.

Finally, we have some deals today. GOG is having one of their big weekend sales, and you can get Strike Suit Zero for $7.99, which is a damned fine price. Also, if you’re in England, you can get Ring Runner for €8.49 from FireFlower Games.

That’s it folks, have an awesome weekend!!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals 8/1-2/13: The Wrapping-Up-Before-The-Weekend Edition

  1. Star Ruler 2? SWEEEEEEEEEET!

    I found the original to be an audacious failure, but with enough potential that if they ever did it right, it could be something really special.

    Oh pleaaaaase do it right! :)

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