Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition Available for Preorder

By | 05/10/2014
Well...That Sure is Somethin'...

Well…That Sure is Somethin’…

Thanks to the folks at Polygon for pointing out that the Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition is now available for preorder on Amazon…for $99.99. Beyond remastered versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, you also get what’s in the picture above, which is:

An exclusive Pride of Hiigara Mothership replica, over 13″tall on an iconic Guidestone Replica base. Beautifully and meticulously crafted with hand-painted detail. Comes to life with USB-powered LEDs illuminating the ship’s engines, ports and bays.

Is it wrong that I want one? Really badly? Even though I’ve never been a huge Homeworld fan? ;) What about you guys?

7 thoughts on “Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition Available for Preorder

  1. Brian Casner

    Are you kidding, Brian? What geek would not want such a thing as a “Comes to life with USB-powered LEDs illuminating the ship’s engines, ports and bays” model of the Mothership? Can’t you see this in Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory apartment?? And having played the originals I’m really anticipating the upgraded visuals.

  2. Therlun

    The Taiidan mothership was much prettier. I always played as those guys in Homeworld 1.
    Long live the toaster!

  3. Brian Rubin Post author

    Yeah, you guys are right, I should just pre-order the thing.

  4. S.Katze

    Well, being a huge HW fan I must say I’m quite tempted. However, there is little else known about the pre-order pack other that it will also contain an art book and an Angel Moon… something. I don’t know, but after that debacle with TES: Oblivion I can’t say that I’m tempted *enough*. Also, it really really rubs me the wrong way when I hear that GBX will “save some copies” for the international markets. WTF is wrong with those guys?!?

    Anyway, I think I’ll pass on the figurine and just stick to the HD versions if and when I consider them actually improved over the originals.

  5. J

    well, even considering the replica it still is a steep price for such old (even though shiny game(s), being huge fan of it myself) games, they at least could have included Cataclysm as well

    1. Brian Rubin Post author

      I know right? I wonder why they couldn’t get the rights to it…


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