Off-Topic: What Non-Spacey Games Have You Been Playing Lately?

Say Hello to My Little Friend!
Say Hello to My Little Friend!

Recently I’ve been on a non-space gaming kick, which is likely one of my brain’s methods for avoiding burnout. The new acquisition of a Playstation Vita has also been something of a distracting factor, especially since I really wish there were some spacey games for the thing (something like Space Pirates and Zombies or Ring Runner would be PERFECT on the Vita). There have been in the past weeks a few games that have really held my attention, however, and these are:


Skyrim – Ever since I got the game back during the holiday season last year, I’ve noticed a particular pattern with this game alone, and it goes something like this: For a bit of time, maybe days or weeks, it’ll be all I want to play. Then, I’ll just stop. I’ll reach a point where I’m good for a while, you know? Then, after a spell, I return to only wanting to play it and only it for a while. This is where I’ve been lately. Since getting the Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions during the Summer sale (OMG so cheap, finally), I’ve really dived back in, and am currently going through the Dawnguard stuff since I hear Dragonborn is better, so I’m saving that. I’ve put almost seventy hours into the game so far, which is a lot for me, and I can see putting in dozens more.


Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman – I played many hours of this game during my trip to and from Virginia, as well as quite a bit afterwards. It’s really an amazing roguelike with an element of character persistance. Whenever you start a new dungeon, you’re always at level 1, but as you gain levels, those levels are cumulative so when you die — and you will, often — these levels are added to your overall level, which helps you beat the final boss at the end (which I’m nowhere near close to accomplishing). It’s got great gameplay using turn-based combat that takes line of sight into account, and lots of great toys to play with. Overall, an amazing little game.

Persona 4 Golden – I’m not much into JRPGs, but when I got a Vita, virtually everyone I spoke to told me to get this game. Recently it was one sale, and I had some Playstation Store credit, so I got myself a copy late last week. I’ve since put about five hours into it, and it’s just AMAZING. You play a high school student who just moved to this little Japanese town, and just as you arrive, these WEIRD murders start taking place. The first couple of hours slowly open the game and its mechanics up to you (of which there are many, but they’re well explained and quite streamlined), but eventually your character will be making friends, joining clubs at school and fighting monsters in dungeons located in the game’s alternate TV world. So far it’s been one HELL of a ride, and I can’t wait to see more.

So that’s been it for me, what about you guys? What non-space games are y’all playing?

Also, I’m thinking of starting a new micro-blogging thingy to post random thoughts about games in general. No reviews or anything deep to take time away from this site, just random tidbits, would you guys read that? ;)

Talk to y’all soon!

Author: Brian Rubin

15 thoughts on “Off-Topic: What Non-Spacey Games Have You Been Playing Lately?

    1. I’ve heard it’s really good! I do plan to get it once its cheap enough.

  1. I recently replayed a few classics… Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and Freelancer (okay, okay, so that was a space one, but…)

    Currently playing Star Craft II… ack! Another space game!

    Oh well…

    1. Starcraft II is a sci-fi game, not a space game. ;) And I need to get back into STALKER. It was fun for the hour or so I played it.

          1. *small violin plays*


            I’d forgotten how awesome Stalker really was… and, damn but if there weren’t a couple of yelp and jump out of my seat moments… damn game is really good at building a mood…

  2. Right there with you with Skyrim. You’ve described my experience with it to a tee. I got the PC version during the summer sale (originally played on Xbox b/c I got it as a gift and it’s hard to wrap a Steam code I guess). With all the ‘make it pretty’ mods it seems fresh and new and the new content doesn’t hurt.

    I thought I loved the space genre but it has been a LOOONNNNGGG time since a space title grabbed me and kept hold.

  3. I’ve been enjoying The Witcher lately, trying to finish that up so I can play the 2nd before the 3rd comes out. That is a long game if you do all the side quests (and don’t know where to go 100% of the time). Great story though. Also playing some Warlock: Master of the Arcane. I recommend it to anyone wanting a combat-focused fantasy Civ5-esque game. Multiplayer included.

    1. I really need to play the Witcher games. I’ve toyed with Warlock and liked it a lot! Very well made, tightly focused game. I’m hoping it’s doing well.

    2. I have the first Witcher but it didn’t keep my attention very long. Does it start slow and get much better?

      1. I’d say The Witcher is a little slow in the first chapter, then gradually picks up from there. I originally played up to Chapter 4, but got distracted with something else and forgot the story, so I started again. The story really is the best part, especially since your choices affect it. I finished it today, and I’m glad I did. Worth playing through.

  4. Been playing Wargame: airland battle lately. But I think I am getting a bit too old to keep track of the hundreds of things going on on the bloody screen… Hundreds of tanks, aircraft and little fellas of the cold war fighting to spread communism or capitalism… It is awesome : just worth getting for the fantastic seemless zoom from a few thousand feet up to ground level.

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