Space Game News 6/11/13: The Almost-Entirely-Good-News Edition

News and Coffee

Helllloooooo everyone, how are you all? Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, I got super busy and was already suuuuper pooped from the weekend, so I didn’t have much energy left in me to post stuff, but I’ve got energy today, so let’s do this! :)

  • Star Citizen – Since they’ve continued to crowdfund on their own website, they just past the $10 million mark! Yay! Chris Roberts recorded a thank you video for helping Cloud Imperium reach this goal, which I’ll embed below.
  • Void Destroyer – There have been so many updates on their Kickstarter that, again, I’ll just link to their update page because dayum. That’s a very good thing, I just don’t got tiiiiiiime to post ’em all individually. There’s also a new version of the game on their website for y’all to play with. The lead dev for this game will also be our guest on this week’s podcast, so stay tuned. :)
  • EVE Online – On the official site, we have an article detailing changes to the naming policy. On The Mittani, they have an article speculating on changes in Odyssey, a look at fan-made music for the game and an entry in the EVE Darwin Awards. They also have two articles covering the recently launched Fountain Campaign.
  • X3: Albion Prelude – The Mittani’s review of the game is almost as late as mine! ;) (It’s coming, I swear!)
  • AI War – Two new patches entitled “So That’s What A Vines Map Looks Like” and “Controllers Out Of Control” address map and turret issues, among other things.
  • Freespace Open – A new version of wxLauncher has been released. Apparently this is a cross-platform launcher striving to be the main launcher for all mods and total conversions. I’ll have to check it out.
  • Infinite Pixels – If you’re a backer of the game on IndieGoGo, you can now download the latest alpha of the game. If you’re not a backer, you can now buy the game outright on their official website. I’m not a huge fan of IndieGoGo for some reason, so I’ll likely go that route.
  • Distant Worlds: ShadowsSpace Sector has their review up for your reading pleasure.
  • Dominium – The first newsletter of what I hope will be many is available to download.
  • Quintet – Congrats to Carmine, as his Kickstarter finished by passing their modest funding goal many times over. There’s a thank you note from Carmine as well. :)
  • Beyond Beyaan – Brent keeps making improvements to the game, the latest is hard-coded star names using both random generators and the name of Kickstarter backers. ;)
  • Artemis – You can now purchase patches and other stuff at their merch store.

That’s it folks. Have an awesome day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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