Rogue System Enters Early Access!

Rogue System Alpha Screenshot
Early Access Baby!

Hey Friends, you might remember Rogue System from our two podcasts on it! Welp, the game just entered early access, and since Mike (the developer) is such a nice guy, I wanted to bring some extra attention to it. ;) If you’re unaware, Rogue System is looking to be the Falcon 4.0/DCS of space sims, with realistic, clickable cockpits, detailed physics and dynamic campaigns. Here’s how the tiers are laid out:

  • $10 – This gets you access to the core module of the game only during the early access period.
  • $30 – Full access to the core module (plus a decal!).
  • $60 – Special edition, which includes core module, three planned expansions and all future campaign/mission packs. (This is the one I’ll be snagging)
  • $150 – Boxed edition, name added to NPC database, soundtrack CD, ship schematic posters
  • $300 – Premium boxed edition – All that stuff plus dog tags, paperback novella and naming a star system.

Very cool, so go check it out!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Rogue System Enters Early Access!

  1. Hmm. Of course, instant reaction is to grab for my wallet. But, I mean, we just GOT the greatest space sim of all time about a half year ago. Any idea what this might add over that?

    1. You mean Elite? I mean I love Elite, but this isn’t Elite. This will have clickable cockpits, details start up sequences if you wish, individually modeled systems that can be damaged and *gasp* single player, dynamic campaigns to boot, so yeah, it offers a lot that Elite doesn’t.

      1. No, I meant FTL. But Elite was good too.

        Are you getting it? Did you get it? Can you offer a first impression? DO SOMETHING

          1. Oh. I, ahh… I don’t really… look at podcasts. Or read what you write. Or do anything.

            I’ll show myself out.

            (Real quick, though, just tell me whether to get it or not.)

  2. Oh my God.

    I just did the first tutorial mission. You know, the one before you even FLY THE SHIP?

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. As a (dormant) private pilot, I’ve always wanted a space-sim that made flying a technical task and joy in itself, and not just “point the way and hit ‘go'”.

    This is incredible. This is INCREDIBLE.

    The moment in the first tutorial where you switch on the power to the viewing system is one of the greatest “gaming” moments I’ve ever had that I can remember, and this is a pre-alpha early-access borderline tech-demo so far.

    Oh my God.

  3. Yeah, I bought this too – freaking hard core baby! It’s like a DCS study sim. This sim is just outstanding. It makes every space flight game you have ever played seem Pew Pew Pew – not that that is bad, but man, the first time you dock, is like the most rewarding experience you can get from a sim / game.

  4. P.S. Also, check out the forums. The people getting this and help shape the game are really awesome, and the dev is just amazing. As far as compared to Elite – this sim is simulating a particular period in the near future, with no real ‘magic’ technology, heck there are arguments about shields even being on the ships and what the underlying tech could realistically be, according to our current understanding of what we can make happen in the next, say 50 years? In fact, the fighter is a converted shuttle.

    You must get this. really. It looks amazing, everything about the design and the function is toward realism like a DCS sim (hey, there are no hitpoints, it all where you got hit, with how much force, and what system did it break), the most realistic newtonian flight model I can recall, insanely deep procedures, clickable cockpit, head tracking works great, first person walking around the inside of the ship, atmosphere in the vessel, realistic comms modeled like a military or commercial flight sim, etc…..

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