January, 2015 Game of the Month: Super Star Trek – Entry 3 – This Game Hates Me

Lookit! A Positive Score!
Lookit! A Positive Score!

We’re back with another brutal look at 1978’s Super Star Trek! This time, even with some tips and a little more competence, this game still seems to relish in hilariously kicking my ass. I mean really, I don’t think I’d have the patience for this game if I were a younger gamer. Heck, I barely have the patience for it now. Yet, somehow, despite all this, I keep playing it, because it’s still damned compelling.

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “January, 2015 Game of the Month: Super Star Trek – Entry 3 – This Game Hates Me

    1. Welcome to the comments Crespyl, and yeah, I totally played Begin as well, but it’s been a while. :) Great stuff!

  1. I really loved your January series on Super Star Trek. It was fun to watch you trying to defeat the klingons and continually being surprised when you got pulled into a blackhole. I have a tip for you about movement.

    When you move to a different quadrant, your ship plots a course through the current quadrant heading toward its final destination. Collisions occur if your course takes you into an object in the current quadrant. In the attached image (not here, but in your community; link below), I have superimposed yellow lines on the display to show three possible courses. The one down and left takes you into a black hole at 6-4. The one to the left takes you into a star at 4-1.

    It’s only the current quadrant that you have to worry about. You get a free ride over all the other quadrants on your way to your destination.

    Good luck with the blackholes.

    (I did not see a way to attach a picture with this comment. So it is in your SpaceGameJunkie community. See https://plus.google.com/+BillLahti/posts/8Axqe4Yt9jW)

    1. Hey Bill, welcome to the comments, and thanks for the kind words. I saw the image, which is insanely useful and I thank you for it.

      And yeah, blackholes stink!

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