Spacey Summary – Starpoint Gemini 2: Grinding the Wheels too Quickly

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  1. Rock says:

    Reminds me of an MMO I tried recently. After almost a month I had snuck in about 20 hours of grinding. Then I found a blog by one of the games’ community leaders where he demonstrated that a good player could do the initial grind in 40 hours of play and then graduate to the next level of grind and do that in another 40 hours and then, finally, would be able to play the actual PvP game. He thought that was satisfactory and fair but I thought it was over the top and so I abandoned the game.

    I think the solution for these situations is that games needs to build in some mechanism to allow the gamer to experience the full fledged game before completing the grind(s) to fully unlock it. This could be done via a ‘training mode’ or else special missions where you are given a nice ship that must be returned when the mission is completed or such.

    It is tough to balance a game when some users will spend ten times more time playing it than some other person, but that is a critical thing to try to do, especially in an MMO, but really for any game that ostensibly provides an open sandbox.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Geeeeeez, that’s a LOT of time. I mean, if you love the game and don’t mind the “grind” have at it, but still, wow.

      Yeah, I can only imagine how many dials one has to turn to balance this stuff well.

  2. X3 lets you determine initially difficulty by the pilot you pick at the start. Maybe they need to do something similar and grade the initial difficulty accordingly. Penniless drifter, through struggling merchant right the way down to veteran mercenary difficulty.

    I played about three hours of the SG2 Early Access and enjoyed it but just never got around to trying the full game. Looks like I can wait a little longer.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, I ran into that with Albion Prelude, and had a LOT more fun once I stumbled upon the campaign that gave the player a bit more focus and such. SG2 would definitely benefit with something like that.

  3. Bradley Huddleston says:

    I, like you, got tired of grinding to gain the next ship… so instead of wasting my time I figured I’d just edit the save.sgs file. Sure, it is considered cheating, but I am having more fun than I did before. I don’t have time to grind away for 20-40 hours. I have other responsibilities.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the comments Bradley, and yeah, I did the same thing during the beta. Didn’t wanna do it for an actual review but I WAS SO FREAKING TEMPTED. I don’t mind a grind if it’s both fun and rewarding, but the grind here barely felt rewarding at all, which sapped away the fun. Sigh.

  4. Bradley Huddleston says:

    Thanks! I just beat the single player game and it left a bunch to be desired. At first the game felt a bit like Freelancer but after awhile, even with the poorest voice acting this side of freelancer, it just became boring.

    Is there another space combat game that is both fun and beautiful? I’ve looked at Elite: Dangerous but don’t want to fork out $60 for an unfinished game.

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