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SGJ Podcast #243 – Spacey MMOs

Welcome to this week’s show my friends! This week, Jim, Hunter, Spaz and I sit down to talk spacey MMOs while playing some EVE Online live! We talk about the first MMOs we played, which are our favorites, why some of our beloved games endure even when officially shot down, why some MMOs just don’t… Read More »

Black Prophecy Episode 2: Species War Announced

The folks at Gamigo sent word that a new episode for their space-based MMO, Black Prophecy, will be released early this month. The biggest addition is the new Warzone feature, in which “opposing player factions will face off against one another in epic dogfights, each vying for control of an opponent’s warzone outpost.” Sounds nifty! Click… Read More »

Shawn of Star Wraith 3D Games Interview Part Two – The Demise of a Genre

Welcome back! In part one of our interview with Shawn of Star Wraith 3D Games, we discussed his background, his previous and current releases, and the design philosophies he’s clung to during his career. In this installment, Shawn looks back at the demise of the mainstream space sim, and where the genre has gone since.… Read More »