The News Cannon for 12/15/14: Videos and Blogs and Releases, Oh My!

News Launched! Destination: YOUR MIND
News Launched! Destination: YOUR BRAINPAN

Hello my friends and happy Monday! Welcome to another shot of news across your bow! I am so hoping I can keep up with this on a daily basis! So far so good, and we’ve got some fun bits today, so let’s dive in!

  • Astrobase Command – In their latest blog post, they talk about their most recent progress, which includes code clean up and holding cell design!
  • Limit Theory – The latest developer update includes an actual market, planetary rings and really pretty graphics, but don’t take my word for it, check out the video. Oohhhh, video. IS SO PRETTY.
  • Rebel Galaxy – Even though it’s for the Playstation version, Legendarium has a hands-on preview of the game, which is decidedly positive, as it should be. I mean, we loved it on the podcast. ;)
  • Shallow Space – There’s a new video on YouTube showing off some of the game’s AMAZING graphics as well as its revamped UI.
  • Evochron: Mercenary – A new graphics engine is being worked on for the game! Yay! If you wanna sampling, check out this video covering shadowing, which looks oh so pretty.
  • Distant Worlds: Universe – Rock, Paper Shotgun has wisely and correctly awarded this game their best strategy game of the year.
  • Starship Rubicon – The updated version of this space shooter has been launched, and you can get it DRM free on their website. It’s posed as a mix of FTL and Asteroids, and that fits the bill. Can’t wait for my copy (Kickstarter backer here)! :) Oh, also, release trailer!
  • Approaching Infinity – The game is now released, and you can purchase it on Gamers Front for $34.95. I can’t wait for my copy (another Kickstarter backer here)! ;) Don’t forget to check out my little preview of it too. ;)
  • Apollo4X – The folks at TechRaptor have written up a detailed preview of the game that’s totally worth a read. If you wanna see more, check out our podcast with the developer or my preview from a few weeks ago. ;)
  • BossConstructor – I keep forgetting I need to snag this game, then I see posts like this that detail a recent live stream or two of the game, and it reminds me that I need to try it. Don’t let me forget y’all. ;)
  • Void Destroyer – The game that keeps frustratingly yet awesomely kicking my ass has reached a new iteration, which includes such aswesome things as secondary weapons. Need to give this another go because DAMN it’s hard. ;)

That’s it for today folks. Don’t forget that the massive Steam sale is coming up later this week, so keep an eye on my guides and keep your wallets safe! ;) Have a great one y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “The News Cannon for 12/15/14: Videos and Blogs and Releases, Oh My!

  1. [Disclaimer: I got a review copy, but would have bought this given a chance.] I had some doubts about Approaching Infinity, primarily getting past the uber retro look, but I was proven quite wrong. Addicting game play indeed! The absolute clincher for me is that I can play it on my laptop and that means lunch time is now crunch time. :-)

    This game has a ton of potential and I haven’t even begun to look at modding and the ship wreck editor.


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