Apollo4x – Forcing Players to Think Differently

Looks Like We Got Us a Convoy...
Looks Like We Got Us a Convoy…

A while back, we covered Apollo4X on our podcast, and it showed delightful creativity in doing something new and different with 4X games: An economic focus rather than an imperial focus. Now that the game is available in early access, I spent a bit of time getting to know the game on my own to see if it’s as interesting as its premise. Enjoy the video!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Apollo4x – Forcing Players to Think Differently

  1. Yeah, between this and Imperia, the indie space 4x scene is coming up with some actually new things, which is exciting. Thanks for covering it.

    1. GAH, thanks for reminding me I need to cover Imperia! Stupid Brian! Stupid stupid! *headdesk*

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