Approaching Infinity – A Procedural Starflight of Fancy

You Guys Knew What Y'all Were In For when You Signed Up...
You Guys Knew What Y’all Were In For when You Signed Up…

Approaching Infinity is a space adventure roguelike game in the vein of Starflight, in a very good way. I’ve been sitting on a copy for quite some time, so I’ve finally decided to spend a little time with the game, and I wasn’t disappointed. Procedurally generated sectors and planets, away team missions, combat, data collection, mining, missions, it’s all there and so far, fun as hell. Check out the video of my first time playing, in which I do some missions, get a bunch of crew killed and generally make a mess of things. ;) Thanks for watching!


    1. Welcome to the comments Chirs, and the site says “Pre-orders coming soon”. Not sure when soon is. I’ve a copy since I’m a Kickstarter backer.

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