House of the Dying Sun Leaving Early Access Today!

Much Pew Pew, Many Lasers
Much Pew Pew, Many Lasers

Surprise! House of the Dying Sun (formerly Enemy Starfighter) is leaving early access today and hitting a 1.0 full release! Yay! That means I’ll be covering the game as my game of the week next week! Check it:

1.0, codenamed DRAGON, will be unleashed on Tuesday, November 1st at 12:00pm PST. Along with being a culmination of all the improvements implemented during Early Access, we’re excited to share some new improvements.

LOTS of stuff has been added, so check below to see the full list. Enjoy!

Source: Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: House of the Dying Sun

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “House of the Dying Sun Leaving Early Access Today!

  1. Have you tried it out? Was looking forward to it, however steam reviews seem to have turned on it as having very little final content.

    Another early access title biting off more than 1 developer can do? I wince every-time I read an early access feature description that seems to aim for AAA content, that 1 person or a small team can’t possibly provide.

    1. Yeah, I’ve toyed with it in early access, and it’s certainly fun, if far smaller in scope than Enemy Starfighter. I’m hoping I’ll still like it despite it’s drastic change from open-roguelike to linear game.

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