The First Expansion to The Last Federation — Betrayed Hope — Announced

What Does it Mean?!

What Does it Mean?!

Over on the Arcen Games forum, they’ve announced their intentions for a new expansion pack for The Last Federation, following in the same footsteps of expansions left by AI War. Entitled “Betrayed Hope“,┬áthe only substantial tidbit given about what the expansion pack entails is this, “we’re really excited about both where the base game is heading on its own, and about what this new expansion will bring to the table on top of that.” As they said in their post, stay tuned.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Formerly From 4xgamer says:

    It’s about time! The base game’s already been out almost… what, three weeks!! C’mon, guys!

  2. aszurom says:

    I know, it’s like Arcen is EA or something.

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