Void of Darkness – Some Teething Problems Early On

Stutter Stutter...
Stutter Stutter…

Void of Darkness came out a little while back, and when it came out, I was running older hardware, smaller monitor, all that, so when I ran into some performance issues during the game, I figured I’d return to it after it had seen some patches and I got some new hardware. Well, having forgotten all that a while back, I saw my list of games I need to play and thought “Why haven’t I played that one yet?” and began to make a video. Then the problems of the past reared their ugly heads like serpents.

Void of Darkness is a top-down space adventure game in the vein of Starflight, and while I was digging it, the performance issues I ran into prevent me from going any further until they’re fixed. I just wish I could be more positive about the game at this point in time. With that said, I invite you to see for yourself how the game behaved during a regular recording session, and thank you for watching.


Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “Void of Darkness – Some Teething Problems Early On

  1. The music at the beginning of the video was actually nice. At least i liked it.

    1. Oh yeah, it is nice music, I just had to turn it down so I didn’t have to yell over it. ;)

  2. Hey Brian, I could tell you were playing an old version still. Quite old it looked like. Just from the introduction text alone when you first see the space station.

    1. Gaaaaahh! Where can I get the latest version? The one I have is via Desura and there wasn’t an update for it. Also what’s the latest version number?

  3. I see now what you said in the podcast about the names. When I saw this I decided to go grab the latest alpha build. It was Void Expanse I preordered and not this, it turns out.

      1. It apparently does have one other thing in common with all these other “void” games though. Cheap as chips, as all indie space games seem to be.

        Never heard of this “FireFlower” retailer before, but it’s hard to argue with $4 for a game like this.

  4. Hi Brian, latest version is 1.1b as I said in the email. Let me know your experience with the performance. I know your version was several versions old.

    1. Hey man, I got it from GG, thanks for that. The only version I had previously was on Desura, and for some reason that wasn’t updated apparently? If it was it didn’t alert me to an update, so based on that I played what I thought was the most recent version.

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