Distant Worlds: Universe Coming May 23rd to Matrix Games AND Steam

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11 Responses

  1. doctorfrog says:

    Holy kittens, Distant Worlds at a price I can actually conceive of paying? Has Matrix Games finally come around? I’d say that’s also a pretty decent way to treat your long-term customers, offering a pretty significant discount.

  2. Sledge Hammer says:

    No we only have to wait for the summer sale, and get it for half of that.

    • Adrian says:

      I was worried until I got 2 thirds of the way down the post, as an owner of all of them this is a no-brainer. $19.99.. equates to around £12 GBP, the cost of a ticket for one at the cinema…. and I strongly dislike cinema’s luckily :) Whoop!
      If you have not got this, get it. If you have it, get it.
      I sense a raft of mods that will scratch any itch…
      Physical copy for me!!

    • DevilDogFF says:

      Hmm, methinks that you should just fork over what they’re asking off the best 4X game on the market….

      Just saying.

  3. Gorkomatic says:

    Well, at this point I have pretty much no excuse not to buy it.

    So, how high does it score on MasterofOrion-o-Meter? (assuming that MOO2 is 10, and Sword of the Stars 2 on release is minus infinity)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Kind of apples and oranges. MoO2 is turn-based with smaller galaxies. This is a massive real-time ant farm. Personally, as great as MoO2 is, I give it a 9 and Distant Worlds an 11. ;)

  4. mezmorki says:

    The basic problem I had with Distant Worlds is that I can barely read the font. I have a 15″ laptop and at native resolution with my glasses on it gives me a headache just trying to read the (abundance) of information on the screen. The combination in small font and bad font choice tainted the whole impression I had of the game – and sadly I couldn’t get past it.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Ugh, yeah, one of the problems people seem to have at non-standard resolutions seems to be reading the font, which is a damned shame.

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