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S#!t is Going Down!

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey folks, welcome to Friday! Yay! I love Fridays because we get free bagels here at work, and also because the weekend is coming! Yay weekend! This coming weekend will be a mix of busy and downtime, so I am looking forward to it. For SGJ here, I’ll be playing some thing called Space Tycoon, which I’m totally unsure about, but will definitely give a good try. Beyond that I hope to get a little gaming in, but my weekend will mostly entail taking down Christmas decorations (finally). What are you up to this weekend?

Today’s Video(s)

Today you get two episodes of Hypergate to finish out the week. In episode five, I play the campaign’s penultimate mission which is just insane. Over forty minutes of non-stop combat, so much so my wrist hurt afterwards. Hundreds of enemies killed. Likely one of the most insane space fighter combat scenarios I have EVER encountered, and that’s saying something. The final entry/mission isn’t as grandiose, but it’s still important as it lays down a lot of threads for future content.

Last night, Spaz and I tried the multiplayer for Eden Rising: Supremacy, an open-world active tower defense game with crafting, resource gathering and a helluva lot of combat. We’d both dabbled with single player, so we had some upgrades, but wow, multiplayer is FUN, and the game supports up to eight people! We did run into some bugs — it IS still in early access, after all — but overall we had a great time. I had no idea we’d spent almost two hours playing it either. Overall we had a great time, but we also had some weird audio issues that I cannot figure out for the life of me.

Today’s News

  • Zero Sum Future, which looks to be a planetary colonization game that looks like a lot of fun, just dropped on Steam.
  • Stardust Tycoon is a new space trading and combat game podcast co-host Spaz found on Steam that looks really neat, and is coming out mid-2019.
  • Vanguard Knights is out on Steam, and is a sort of on-rails, off-rails space shooter thing. I think?
  • Hypership Out of Control 2 — I wasn’t even aware there was a 1 — has dropped on Steam.
  • Interstellar Rift has a new development update talking about specialized systems you’ll encounter in the game.
  • EVE Online’s January Update is happening next week, and the big deal is fixes to the activity tracker, among others.
  • Worbital’s beta is open this weekend, so head on over and check it out.
  • Space Bob vs. The Replicons — which I admit I have yet to play, I need to fix that this weekend — has a pretty massive update which adds new planets and enhances the game’s atmospheric systems.
  • Empyrion has released Alpha 9.1, which has boatload of little fixes and additions to the game.
  • Beat Hazard 2 has a couple of updates, including video of an upcoming decoy perk as well as EMP viruses and auto turrets!
  • MewnBase got a small update which fixes saves, localization and more.
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony got an update to Beta 21.5 to fix issues with its latest big beta version.
  • Lazarus has a fairly sizeable update with new progression tweaks and the like.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Service got a small update which fixes some big bugs.
  • Osiris: New Dawn has a new video showing off its mission system UI.
  • Steredenn got its first update in a while, and this one has more daily run configurations, among other things.
  • Helium Rain got the teensiest of little hotfixes.
  • Interstellar Prime has moved its Kickstarter back one month to try and do it right the first time. Can’t say that’s a bad idea.
  • MegaWars has now been renamed to Galaxicus.
  • Wing Commander CIC has a visual history of the Broadsword bomber — my second favorite ship in the entire series — through the games and movies that is a fascinating read.

Today’s Deal(s)

  • The Humble Store has launched its Winter Sale, with way too much stuff to mention, but some really great deals overall.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Battletech – So I tried this game a while back, played the first mission, and because I hated like, EVERYONE in the mission, I shelved it. Likely dumb, I know, given how good a game it is, but ugh, that first impression. Well, I recently learned about a massive mod called RogueTech that makes the game this massive mercenary sandbox. I’m still in my first mission, but wow, this is great stuff. It’s also hard as hell, but I’m enjoying it.
  • EVE Online – Getting back into this after taking some time off to both avoid burnout and to let some skills I had queued up finish training. I went right back out and found some wormholes, which is always fun and scary. These weren’t the type that took me into wormhole space, but rather shot me into another system entirely. Good times!
  • Star Fleet Armada: Rogue Adventures – Still dabbling in this one a bit, so fun for short sessions.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Yup, still going through this one, which is surprising given I don’t stick with a lot of games longer than a few hours. REALLY loving this one, though.

That’s it for me y’all. Have a lovely weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

Author: Brian Rubin

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