Don’t Worry, This Site Isn’t Being Changed to Jumpgate Junkie… ;)

This Has Taken Up the Bulk of My Time Lately...
This Has Taken Up the Bulk of My Time Lately…

I have a confession to make. There are a lot of other games I could’ve been playing for this blog, whether it’s toying the sublime Elite: Dangerous alpha or visiting an old friend in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, there’s no shortage of great games to discuss.

Yet all I’ve basically been playing — besides a Skyrim break now and then — is Jumpgate.

Now I knew going in I’d be sucked back to what is essentially (for me at least) European Truck Simulator 2 in space (only a billion times better), but even with all my experience previously, I wasn’t prepared for just how much it would consume me. I mean, seriously consume. The last time I played, I played selfishly. I focused mostly on missions to increase my own coffers and build up my character’s levels as quickly as possible. This time I’m still doing missions, and such, but with a change in purpose, as I want to help the game’s economy once I can fly a ship capable of making large hauls. Since the game basically just came back to life, the economy is in an…odd state, needs all the help in can get, and it needs a lot.

So this time, instead of focusing solely on missions, I’ve been trying to learn the economy by talking to folks on Joystick Required (the unofficial game forums) and studying this amazing tool. It’s been a really amazing learning experience, and one I can’t wait to put to use once I reach level 26 and can get a large enough Cargo TOW to actually make a difference in the economy. As you can see, I’ve put over twenty two hours into the game since I found out it was back. For me, that’s a lot of gaming time, as I usually neither have the time, energy or motivation to play games that much, yet Jumpgate is a special kind of game.

Now, eventually this might slow down (might) and I’ll make time to play other games for a while, but until then, it’s gonna be tough to pull away from Jumpgate’s siren song. While you’re waiting for me to pump out new content — which I always will, no matter how sporadically, don’t you worry — I encourage you as always to join me in the game. It’s free, fun, and fabulous. :) Hope to see you in the space lanes. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, This Site Isn’t Being Changed to Jumpgate Junkie… ;)

  1. Do not worry. I also have an unhealthy obsession with “World of Warplanes”, nowdays. (And TBH I hate, online games :)).

    1. Hah, I too typically hate online games. Glad you’re enjoying a different kind of WoW. ;)

      As for me, I’m thinking of doing something constructive with this, like a Jumpgate Journal of sorts. :)

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