A Slight Change in Plans…

Just a Mild Course Change...

So I’ve tried to keep this blog regularly updated, and so far I think I’ve been somewhat successful in terms of review diaries and interviews, but sadly something has slipped past me, and that’s previews. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten emails from developers and so on asking me to preview their game, and while I totally agreed, I totally focused on the next review. I just realized this recently, and now this leaves me feeling kinda bad. :/

So over the next few weeks, while still continuing to do regular diaries and so on, I’m gonna plow through my queue of game previews for upcoming games,  such as StarfarerPlanet WarStarJack Online, StarDrive and Beyond Beyaan. So please stay tuned for looks at all of these upcoming games in the weeks to come. After I go through this list, I’ll meld my previews within the regular schedule of reviews, so fewer games get left behind, if any.

As always, thanks for visiting and for reading, and have an awesome day!

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “A Slight Change in Plans…

  1. Hah, the price of success. Let me just say that it will soon go to your head, and THEN WHAT?

    1. On that note… I have way too many games to play right now (hundreds or even thousands of hours worth). I wish I had more time… Right now I'm racking up the hours in Mount and Blade (yeah no spacey)… Though I did just play MOO2 quite a bit recently and am going to try playing Star Ruler and Distant worlds some more very soon…

      Anywho, I feel your pain(?), lots of great stuff out there to try.

    1. I dabbled with it for a few minutes this morning. Definitely intriguing. Stay tuned for more. ;)

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