Let’s Play Battlestation: Harbinger – Entry 1 – Training Wheels

Such Pew Pew Goodness.
Such Pew Pew Goodness.

Welcome to Battlestation: Harbinger my friends! In this entry, we go through the small tutorial galaxy to show you how streamlined and fun the gameplay is, and how quickly the player can get into the action. Once that’s done, I venture through a few randomly generated galaxies, dying along the way but this is never ultimately a bad thing, as you always get experience that allows you to get better ships as you level up. You also have your own high score to beat as well. The gameplay is a lot of fun, with all kinds of weapons, equipment, fighters and more one can play with, and I like how the story of each galaxy varies from one playthrough to the next to keep things different each time. So far I’m having a blast with this game.

Author: Brian Rubin

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