Updated: Rest in Peace, Drak. You’ll Be Missed. (Drox Operative)

Rest in Peace
Thanks For the Good Times and the Attribute Boost my Friend…

So you know how, mere hours ago, I mentioned that I couldn’t stop playing Drox Operative? Weelllllll…I was playing this evening with the latest patch, using my level 17 Drakk ship Hotspur (I’m a Hornblower fan, sue me), and I got a bit in over my head. This hadn’t happened in a while, so I was quite, QUITE shocked when I found myself zipping around in an escape pod waiting to be rescued (this is what happens when your ship is destroyed in the game). I wasn’t rescued, and had to go back to get my black box, so that I could get rid of the XP penalty that hits you when you lose a ship.

Edit: I’m being told that one can resurrect dead crewmembers, which I wasn’t aware of, honestly. That helps a bit, but it still stings, dangit. :(

I went back to the system that the black box is in (I’ll be f’ed if I can recall the name, the system names in in this game are total wackadoo) and after I got it, on the way back out toward a safer system, I got hit with a SWARM of baddies. They took out my fighters pretty quickly, and I buffed my energy, shields and hull regeneration rates, but in the end it wasn’t enough, and again, I found myself in an escape pod.

THIS time I was lucky enough to escape in my…escape pod, but just then I saw a message scroll across the screen that my crewmember and fellow Drakk, Drak (yes, his name was unfortunately Drak the Drakk), a crewmember I’ve had since I was merely at level 2 (I was at 17) and had risen up in experience with me, had F’ING DIED! Now, crewmembers gain skills in various attributes, which add to your overall character pool. Drak had gained many levels in the various attributes he possessed, allowing me to use various pieces of equipment I might not have been able to otherwise. Lo and behold, I looked at my inventory, and more than HALF of the equipment I had installed was now red, meaning I was too low in my experience level to use them!

I pretty much felt like this toward the game at that point:

FUUUU Rage Guy

I…didn’t even want to deal with the logistical nightmare of finding new equipment that would fit my lower attribute pool, so I just saved and exited in disgust. I then created a new ship with a new race, but…it just didn’t feel the same. Drak was my first crewmember in my first ship ever in Drox, and I really felt the loss. Still do, actually.

So I ask for a moment of silence for my loyal crewmember and friend, Drak. We went through a lot together buddy, and while I don’t know what the beliefs around death are for the Drakk people, I would hope they’d allow you to go to a better place in the end.


Author: Brian Rubin

19 thoughts on “Updated: Rest in Peace, Drak. You’ll Be Missed. (Drox Operative)

    1. Sigh, yeah, I found that out after the fact. Whew, but still, it made me sad. :(

          1. I just bought the game based on this post! Not that I like fuuuuuuuuu game rage, but I do like games with significant consequences. Seems like this one really drew you in… and then crushed you.

    1. Hah, nope, the game remembers, even if you try to alt-tab out and close it, it remembers that stuff. I tried that earlier in my game. Thankfully, as pointed out to me, crewmembers can be repaired like anything else. Except in hardcore mode, apparently.

  1. so how does a regular joe like meself play this game? is there a deal that when i preorder it, i get to play the beta or anything? this game just seems to be right up my alley

  2. nevermind. i just found out and preordered. $15 is not too bad either. maybe this will scratch the arpg itch that Diablo 3 was supposed to. well that’s not really a fair comparison since Diablo isn’t even an action rpg anymore, just action.

      1. well…
        1) no more putting points into Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.
        2) no more skill trees at all! you just unlock new powers now.
        3) weapons don’t even matter anymore, unless you play a barbarian.
        4) the only customization in the game is runes. runes are just buffs added to your skill-tree-less skills.
        5) did i mention there’s no skill trees….seriously. i miss em. :(

        i like the game but they’ve just taken all the Diablo out of Diablo.

          1. I am indeed looking forward to Torchlight 2, as I really enjoyed the first one, but Din’s Curse is really my favorite fantasy based ARPG. Have you played that, Lulloser? It’s FANTASTIC.

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