New News Post for Today

Hey guys, I apologize, but I…just can’t feel right posting happy shiny fun news about space video games in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. I not only don’t feel anywhere near the mood…I am near tears, just crushed and heartbroken at the news. I was in a place FULL of school children last night — girlfriend teaches elementary school music, last night was one of her concerts — all happy, singing and such, and to think this happened to a bunch of kids like them…I can’t…even comprehend it! It just doesn’t feel right to me somehow. I’ll resume with the news on Monday, and I hope y’all understand.


  1. I feel the same way. I’m a father of a first-grader and a two-year-old. My main project right now is a preschool-level edutainment game. When my little boy gets home from school, where I’m sure he’s blissfully ignorant of today’s horrifying and appalling news, he’s getting an especially big hug.

  2. A real tragedy. And to think this sicko targeted kids…makes the whole thing worser.
    We understand that you ( any many other ) feel the same. Having a break it’s only a sensible thing to do.

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