Site & Life Stuff: Happy Birthday Site and Incoming Changes

This. This is My Life Right Now...
This. This is My Life Right Now…

Hey guys, how are ya? Sorry about the lack of posts, but my mind is full-on in moving mode, and I’ve not been able to focus on much else. I’m so out of it I completely missed that the site turned three this past Friday! Happy birthday site! ;)

Now with that said, the move itself is next week, we’ve already begun packing, and with luck and hard work, the move will go smoothly. However, with the move will come some changes that will definitely benefit the site, due to my much, much shorter commute (30 minutes a day vs. 90-120 minutes a day) and having a separate office. These will include:

  • The podcast will now permanently be on Tuesday evenings with random exceptions for time zones and schedules. This will make recording and broadcasting much more consistent.
  • I’ll have a lot more time to put towards creating new content for the site, which should mean new videos and articles on a much more regular, consistent basis (which is what I’ve always wanted).
  • More streaming due to having more time. Since I’ll have more time, I plan to not only make videos straight for YouTube, but to stream more as well!

So while the site is kinda quiet right now, this hopefully explains why this won’t be the case for too much longer. Once the move is settled I should be back on track with more content for the site. Yay!

As a final note, this Wednesday Jim and I are doing our podcast on Orbiter, a realistic space/orbital flight sim. After this week, we won’t be doing a podcast for two weeks while the move gets settled. This means there won’t be a podcast until 9/9/14, wherein when we return we’ll discuss Star Command: Revolution (which was recommended by one of our listeners). Yay!

I wanna thank everyone for their patience in this massively transitional time, and look forward to returning to full blast on the content once all is settled. I appreciate all of you, and thank you for visiting. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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