Site Stuff: Patreon Campaign Launched!

Help Support SGJ!

Help Support SGJ!

Y’all might remember a while back I threatened to start a Patreon campaign to help make this site more awesome, motivate me, remove ads from the site and a boatload of other things. Welp, that day has arrived. With the launch of the Space Game Junkie Patreon Campaign, I’ve taken a step towards making this site self-sufficient, ad-free, and even more awesome as more features and content are added. This campaign is a monthly one, which means you can give as little as $1 a month (or more, far be it from me to stop you ;) to help the site grow. This campaign is also purely optional, meaning there won’t be any paywalled content or anything like that. I invite you to head over to the campaign and check it out, and if you like what you see, please throw a buck my way. I’ll be forever indebted for your generosity, and you can know that all money will help go to make this site deliver the best experience possible. Thanks for your time and your consideration. :) Have an awesome day!

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