Miscellany: Where’s the No Man’s Sky Coverage?

Sure, it Has a Spaceship, But...
Sure, it Has a Spaceship, But…

Hey y’all, I’ve been getting asked repeatedly why there’s no No Man’s Sky coverage on my site. I know my motto is, “If it has a spaceship, I’ll play it.” but in this case.

I just. Do. Not. Care.

Seriously, I’ve watched videos and it looks SO boring. I’ve asked three different people at different times for keys, and have heard nothing back. I really don’t feel like spending $60 for a game when I can already play Empyrion and look to get apparently a better experience on the whole.

So if I get a key eventually for the game, or it goes down to maybe $10, I’ll likely play it, but until then, it’s unlikely I’ll cover the game because I’ve got plenty of other stuff to cover that, I feel, is far deserving of both your and my time.

Thanks folks.

Author: Brian Rubin

12 thoughts on “Miscellany: Where’s the No Man’s Sky Coverage?

  1. Way to go, Brian! The game might not be pure crap but it is very safe to say it isn’t anywhere close to living up to its hype.

    1. It’s not even hype, it just looks too dull for me to waste my time on, especially at $60.

  2. Truthfully, Dual Universe looks far better. But yeah I agree if the price of NMS drops to something more reasonable (have heard people describing the release game as being a “tech demo”) I might try it out.

  3. Hmm, dual universe does look nice.

    But on topic here, ya, no mans sky isnt anywhere close to the price there asking for it. Sure its a nice game if you take it for what it is. Although it would be nice if they actually had a video of the real game on steam instead of a video showing a completely different atmosphere that you cant even find in NMS right now. With how NMS came out for what was in release compared to what they have talked about for years and show and use as a selling point, i will probably never pre order again. I mean, if your gonna show a video for your product to sell it, show the game and not stuff that probably never will be in it.

    I guess buying and playing games since the 80’s, ive turned bitter with how things are released now.

  4. Well done Brian… glad to see you making a stand about NMS! I do feel sorry for the people suckered by the spiel… but I also feel sorry for Sean Murray. I think that once Sony got involved, the NMS that could have been died off. :(

  5. Ha! I expected a whole podcast devoted to No Man’s Sky. Was just about to email and ask where the coverage was, and then I searched and found this post. Guess I can stop looking now.

    1. If I ever get a key, or it goes down to $10, I might poke my head in. Otherwise, I’ve got other stuff to play.

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