Event Announcement: Elite Dangerous – Tombaugh Station Meetup (8/18/16, 5PMish, PDT)

Oh. Yeah.
Oh. Yeah.

Friends, one of the things I wanna do to spice up the community a bit is to have events where we get together and goof off a bit. Over on Gamers with Jobs, it was suggested that we all get together in Elite: Dangerous and do just that. Therefore on Thursday, August 18th starting around 5 PM Pacific time (if not earlier), I want folks to meet at Tombaugh Station in Orcus (home of our faction) and then we’ll decide what we wanna do next. Orcus is a great system as it has resource extraction sites and is fairly close to all sorts of fun stuff, which is why we chose it for the home base of our faction. We can also use our Mumble server for voice comms. You can get the Mumble info here. Here’s the rundown:

  • When: Thursday, August 18th, 5PMish, Pacific Time
  • Where: Tombaugh Station, Orcus, Veloxi Private Group
  • Suggested Ship: Cobra Mark III

If you need to get into the group, just send me an invite request via the game and I’ll get you in. Why the Cobra? Because it’s versatile and has great jump range, and is affordable enough that most pilots can own one, so we can have all types of pilots joining us. I’ll try and think up fun stuff for us to do along the way, but if you have any suggestions, let me know. We likely won’t do any planet stuff so we don’t exclude folks who don’t have Horizons, so I’m thinking some RES combat, some missioning and some troublemaking.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Event Announcement: Elite Dangerous – Tombaugh Station Meetup (8/18/16, 5PMish, PDT)

  1. Damn, sounds like fun. I just started playing again after stoping half way through the distant worlds event. What was funny about that is i started back up and was parked a few jumps out from where jaques station was at and made it half way home then it appeared there.

    Im gonna try to do this if my time is available. Mothers cancer came back so my free hours are all over the place now :/

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