FYI: No Podcast Tonight and Upcoming Schedule (Updated)

OMG so tired...
I Feel Like This Puppy, Only Not as Cute…

Hey folks, just chiming in because I’m not feeling awesome, so we’re skipping the podcast because I’m too low energy to really make it fun for anyone. I think just the lack of/lousy sleep over the last few weeks is really catching up with me. :/ I’m just so…bleh…tired, unmotivated, it’s not usual for me and I don’t like it, so I wanna try to do whatever it takes to recover. With that said, we have some fun stuff coming up that I wanted to share with ya. I’m still trying to get guests for upcoming weeks, so this may change, but as it is right now, here’s what’s coming up:

  • April 1st – John Hemry, Author of the Lost Fleet book series (which has awesome space combat)
  • April 8th – Slower than Light with creator John Brewer (Here’s the Kickstarter)
  • April 15th – Space Salvager with creator Sam Albon (fun game!)
  • April 29th – A look at the Freespace Open Project with its project lead Fabian “The E” Woltermann and discussing Freespace 2’s 15th anniversary a little bit (which won’t be our only look at the game this year)
  • May 6th – A look at O.R.B. (which was requested by Jim, as it just came out on SteamA
  • May 13th – Off Topic: Marketing & SEO for Game Websites (Jim’s idea, to help devs out, because y’all got some stanky websites)

Remember, if you have a topic idea you’d like us to cover, please send it to because we’re totally open to ideas. :) Thanks folks, and have an awesome day.

Author: Brian Rubin

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