I Have the Attention Span of a Sparrow…

So on the forum, user syndicatedragon (yes, I’m blaming this all on him/her) asked me a question or two about the recently released (OMG IT’S ON GOG OMG) game Conquest: Frontier Wars. Not remembering the answer, I loaded up a skirmish to try and find out. Over an hour later…

Conquest Frontier Wars

DAMN this game is good. Here I was, planning to write the news and jump into ANOTHER game to start reviewing it, and nooooooooo, Conquest has to get its paws in me again. Damn productivity killer, it is. :/


  1. Conquest is definitely worth the time, though I’ll admit I haven’t played it in several years. Still have the box sitting on a nearby shelf with other big box games, too!

    1. Hah, while I got rid of all of my boxes years ago, I still have the disk. And yeah, I’d not played it in a while either, but wow it all comes back, and is still tons of fun. :) It’s worth picking up on GOG for it being patched AND for the soundtrack. :)

  2. Indeed, the soundtrack is not one to be missed. I pulled each track from the game files ages ago, but it’s a shame it wasn’t all reproduced like the menu track was later on. That turned out quite well.

  3. Yep, recorded by an actual orchestra, I believe. The single player menu track was redone, but I never found the same treatment for any of the other tracks. I don’t remember where I snagged it from, either – possibly CFW Command, but that seems to be dead. I can post it someplace for you to grab, if you’d like.

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