Rodina – Feeling My Way About

Eat My Pixellated Death!
Eat My Pixellated Death!

Update: My apologies, the version number led me to believe this was the release version, but I’ve been told by the developer it’s still in early access, so consider this a continuation of my preview look at the game. ;) Thanks!

Welcome to Rodina my friends! If you’re unaware, Rodina is an procedurally-generated space adventure and combat game in which you fly around your ship, land on planets and asteroids, and piece together the story of why you’re there and how to save the universe. ;) It’s a fun time, and I hope you enjoy this first entry into my Let’s Play series covering the game in which I land on a bunch of asteroids and even a planet with atmosphere, battle some space aliens, and die at LEAST once. ;) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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  1. I’ll have to play again; I bought in a while back, and it was fun but (at the time) still a bit empty. Looks like the game is filled out a bit.

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