SGJ Podcast #75 – Beautiful Chaos in Ancient Space

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12 Responses

  1. Moonrogue says:

    I played for ten minutes and it crashed. Also it brought my (pretty decent) rig to its knees even on “Medium”.

    However, it IS the most beautiful-looking space game I’ve ever seen.

    I’m hoping crash-fixes and some sort of optimization is in its future.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Oh man, sorry to hear it crashed for you. Been running like butter for me. And yes, OMG, it’s so gorgeous. EVEN THE ROCKS ARE PRETTY TO LOOK AT. The. Rocks.

      • Moonrogue says:

        What resolution/GPU are you at that it runs like “butter”? On 1920×1080/high with a GTX-660, it’s playable, but there’s definitely no butter involved, at least during the first mission with all of those cargo ships and capital ships.

  2. Serial Kicked says:

    After listening to the podcast I intended to buy it. Good thing a friend beat me to it. And what a downer :(

    It is running awfully badly on his computer which is leaps and bounds beyond mine. The lack of graphical options is extremely annoying. It’s also lacking control group hotkeys, which is a cardinal sin in any RTS. Sure it’s pretty but the UI itself is really impractical. Also, as far as RTS go, the first missions I could look at were very basic.

    • Moonrogue says:

      It has the same control-group hotkeys as every other modern RTS (ctrl-1 to set group 1, “1” to recall group 1, etc.)

  3. Serial Kicked says:

    Oh my. Yeah now that you made me think of it french vs english keyboard issue.
    Yeah maybe he forgot to reset all the key correctly. I know we did for the WASD vs ZQSD.

  4. Moonrogue says:

    French keyboards have “1” in a different spot? :D

    • Serial Kicked says:

      Nope but you need to use uppercase to get the top numbers, so usually instead of 1-9 it’s the symbols, parenthesis and punctuations sumbols that appear when setting the keys for a game designed for US qwerty.

  5. Great podcast. I think I’ll wait on purchasing until I have that RTS itch. Hopefully by then some of the performance issues will be addressed.

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