Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed – Technical Difficulties – Entry 1

Hey Buck!
Hey Buck!

Hello my friends, and welcome to Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed, the 1992 sequel to last week’s game, Countdown to Doomsday! This newer game features actual honest-to-goodness Roland MT-32 support (which you will hear!), streamlined character creation (thank god) and the ability to import characters from the previous game (if you happened to keep that floppy for two years. What?). In this entry, after creating my partaaaayyy, we’re tasked with preventing the assassination of an official who wants to unify the races of the solar system. Sadly we get stopped by some scientist who gives us important notes before he’s kidnapped. Interestingly we get choices on how to handle the situation before any combat, which might make this game more fun than the last, which was insanely combat-heavy.

Author: Brian Rubin

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